Judas – by Archbishop Fulton Sheen

In the past few years in the Church we have had many psychological and sociological studies, all attempting to explain why some priests have left their sacred calling. I presume

Why Does Pilate Always Get So Much Empathy From Us?

“Because Pontius Pilate is the character in the Passion who is most like us.” Therefore Pilate said to Him, “So You are a king?” Jesus answered, “You say correctly that

Cemetery for Miscarried Babies, Because They Are God’s Children

Miracle of Life Rosary Garden All human life is sacred, from conception until natural death. It is this truth that provided the inspiration for The Miracle of Life Rosary Garden.

Day 43 of Basic Training in Holiness – O.I.L. ~ Obedience In Love

DAY 43 – MARY, QUEEN OF VIRGINS, PRAY FOR US OIL – OBEDIENCE IN LOVE How then are we to prepare our restless hearts to receive the power of the

Day 42 of Basic Training in Holiness – You Made Us for Yourself

DAY 42 – MARY, QUEEN OF CONFESSORS, PRAY FOR US YOU MADE US FOR YOURSELF The unfortunate reality is that the modern campaign of militant secular indoctrination has been so

The Very Root of the Matter

Many have tried to convince me that the Republicans are liberals in conservative clothing. I have resisted. My greatest weakness is my high level of trust for people (my sister

Day 41 of Basic Training in Holiness – God Strong

DAY 41 – MARY, QUEEN OF MARTYRS, PRAY FOR US GOD STRONG The U.S. Army ran a very effective “Army Strong” advertising campaign to recruit soldiers. The key message was:

Day 40 of Basic Training in Holiness – Divine Connection

DAY 40 – MARY, QUEEN OF APOSTLES, PRAY FOR US DIVINE CONNECTION The Gospel story Pope John Paul II sets as the foundation for his new millennium appeal is the

Day 39 of Basic Training in Holiness – One Thing Necessary

DAY 39 – MARY, QUEEN OF PROPHETS, PRAY FOR US ONE THING NECESSARY Pope Benedict XVI said, “The heart open to God, purified by contemplation of God, is stronger than

Day 38 of Basic Training in Holiness – Love Demands Effort

DAY 38 – MARY, QUEEN OF ANGELS, PRAY FOR US LOVE DEMANDS EFFORT Throughout all of salvation history we see such cries as “Let his face shine upon you” (Nm