Another Nineveh 90 God-Incident – Queen Esther and Our Lady of Fatima

Somebody alerted me to this homily given by Fr. Peter West on February 21, 2013. Notice how the Nineveh 90 start date of February 13 aligns with the destruction of

Nineveh 90 YouTube Video – “Let’s Do This!”

I was just alerted to this. Someone put a very nice youtube video together, encouraging people to join Nineveh 90. Really nice job! Enjoy! Join at

God’s Amazing!! A Really Cool Nineveh 90 God-Incident

Sometimes things happen and you just know it is more than a coincidence, but a God-incident. For those who prayed the 54-Day Novena for Our Nation, you will recall how

Call to Nineveh 90 – Join Now!!

Dear Prayer Warrior, Awesome job praying for our nation in the Novena for Our Nation! Thank you! We are now calling you to a very important prayer and penance campaign

Preparing for Nineveh 90

NOW, is a wonderful time to, in essence, “warm-up” for Nineveh 90. For example, maybe take this time to ease into your exercise program that will begin on February 13.

100th Anniversary of Fatima is May 13 – Time to Do the “Nineveh Thing”

We have now entered the 100th year since Our Lady appeared in Fatima, Portugal. The anniversary is May 13, 2017. Many people are wondering if God may do (or allow)

Our Lady of Fatima, 1917-2017 – Why 100 Years Matters

Pope St. Leo XIII’s Vision According to legend, exactly 33 years (span of our Lord’s life) to the day prior to the great Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, that

Day 49, Novena for Our Nation – Living a Supernatural Life

DAY 49 – MARY, QUEEN OF PEACE, PRAY FOR US LIVE A SUPERNATURAL LIFE Surveys by Gallup, the National Opinion Research Center, and the Pew Organization conclude that spiritually committed

Day 48, Novena for Our Nation – King: Shock Troops

DAY 48 – MARY, QUEEN OF THE FAMILY, PRAY FOR US SHOCK TROOPS KING: As Jean-Baptiste Chautard recounts in his book The Soul of the Apostolate, Pope St. Pius X was

Day 47, Novena for Our Nation – Prophet: Born for Combat

DAY 47 – MARY, QUEEN OF THE MOST HOLY ROSARY, PRAY FOR US BORN FOR COMBAT Prophet: Bishop Robert Barron says, “A prophet is someone who speaks for God. Their