I cannot count the amount of conversion/reversion stories I have heard that revolve around people’s experience of Adoration. Many of these stories recount how they had fallen away from the faith for years, and then “somehow” found their way to Adoration. Virtually all of these stories speak of moving into an ALL-IN “devout” relationship with God from that point on … no matter where their faith was at prior to this experience.

Very simply … We have lost a sense of the supernatural, and Adoration restores this!!

It also appears that a high number of priestly vocations are coming out of these experiences of Adoration. My own theory is that the Mass used to have a “quality of Adoration” and, therefore, a “sense of the supernatural” before the post-Vatican II “protestant wannabes” implemented a more “protestant-lite” version that moved from a “God-centered” to a “man-centered” liturgy. We simply must restore transcendent beauty to the Mass (and our art, architecture and music) once again!

Here’s my idea, based on these stats from Fr. Z’s blog

The USCCB released survey results of the 2014 class of ordinands (from Latin, ordinandi, or “men to be ordained”).


  • 82% were altar boys
  • 73% attended adoration of the Blessed Sacrament regularly

Besides parishes going “exclusively” with altar boys (study after study shows young boys don’t want to serve if it is a “girl thing”), we need regular opportunities for a Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration for youth (and another for the whole community). But, the environment should excite/inspire the senses (as in the picture above) in order to help young hearts open to the Presence of the Divine …

… very low lighting (or none at all), tons of candles, a Chant CD played low in the background, and the Catholic rite of Exposition and Benediction should be done with precision and reverence (and lots of incense).

Also, offer Confession during this time.

We will be doing this every Tuesday night during Advent and Lent.


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