On Wednesday, April 23, a friend came over, distraught, saying his father had a heart attack or something and they are med-flighting him from Eau Clare, WI to St. Paul, MN. He witnessed what happened to my nephew Jon, and he asked if we would get prayer warriors going. I put out an appeal to pray, just as we did for Jon, with the intercession of Pope Pius XII, as they pray the St. Joseph Memorare. Many warriors responded!

Later that day, I received this report from my friend: “Right after I left your house, we received a call that the helicopter had mechanical problems and they were still looking for a surgeon. That may have been a blessing as they were able to stabilize the bleeding before taking off. It turns out he tore his aorta and was bleeding internally. They are in the air now and will be performing surgery as soon as they land in 20 mins.”

I told him … The stalled helicopter is your first of what will probably be many signs.

The next report from my friend: “You were right, they couldn’t find a surgeon and when they finally did, he ‘happened’ to be the best in the country at this surgery. They said the procedure should be done around 11:00pm.”

Then this: “Dad just got out of surgery. The doctor explained it’s a miracle he made it this far. He had a full rupture and 2 aneurysms. The surgeon said only 20% of the people even make it to the hospital and half of them do not make it through the surgery, so he’s beating the odds, but still a long road.”

Then this: “Fr. Rick!! They just took out his breathing tube and he’s telling jokes! They can’t explain it. There is still some risk and they’re watching for fluid in the lungs, but the turnaround has been remarkable!! The power of prayer is incredible!!”

Then this the next morning: “A nurse came in today to see my dad and when we asked why she was here, she explained that she was on duty when they received the airlift call. They told the prep team that my dad had a 9cm aneurism that had ruptured. When she heard that, she assumed he was already dead or would die shortly. In her 20 yrs, she has never seen one larger then 6cm and that patient died within minutes. When she heard my dad had made it, she had to come and see him. She wanted to personally see what a miracle looked like.”

Ad majorem Dei gloriam!

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