A few days ago, I encouraged the pest control guy (while he was setting traps in my house) to come and check out the Mass on Sunday morning. Just yesterday,

The Catholic “Man-Crisis”

By Matthew Christoff: There is a serious “man-crisis” in the Catholic Church. It is widespread and serious. Unless the Church, including its bishops, priests and lay men begin to take

Why Parishes Need to Challenge Boys More…

Excellent article from Those Catholic Men … I go to Mass where the rubrics are tight and the preaching is challenging. There are very reasonable arguments why I should go

Pope Francis Calls for Worldwide Adoration and Confession!

God is so amazing!! On the “exact same day” (March 14 … which is also “PI Day“) the Holy League had plans to announce the initiative/movement to promote worldwide monthly

It’s Time for a New Holy League

According to Catholic evangelist Matthew Christoff, “There is a serious “man-crisis” in the Catholic Church.” How bad is it? It is widespread and serious. Unless the Church, including its bishops,

The Unforgivable Sin

Great article by Fr. Longenecker … What is the unforgivable sin? It is self righteousness. Why is it unforgivable? Not because it can’t be forgiven, but because it won’t be

God’s Law is Personal and Loving

Great article from Msgr. Charles Pope When we speak of God’s law, there is a danger that we might think of it as we think of any secular law. We

How is the Devil at Work in the World?

Great article from Fr. Longenecker … There are several reasons why there is an extraordinary interest in demon possession and exorcism. The phenomenon is dramatic and horrible and there will

Twelve Things to Remember If You Keep Falling Into the Same Sin

Great article from Fr. Longenecker … One of the things that gets people down the most when they are really trying to make spiritual progress is when they keep falling

In His Mighty Power!

In 2011, Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed the need for a “Year of Faith” that seeks to awaken humanity at a critical moment. “In vast areas of the earth the faith