Civility or Ruin?

Civility or Ruin?

I’m going to sum things up …

This “summation” may sound trite to some, but I believe we need to start a movement – like none other – of CIVILITY.
Sure, we are seeing the brute nature of man at it’s worst with the barbarity of radical Islamists, and it is easy to pat ourselves on the back and claim we are, *at least,* not as bad as they are … and we are not. BUT, barbarity has been the rule of the day in America and beyond, I believe, since the 1960s.

*The slaughter of millions of pre-born innocents
*The redefinition of marriage
*The objectification of women
*The movement of women’s fashion to “sexy”
*The epidemic of internet porn
*The profaning of the conjugal act
*The view of children as financial burdens
*The divorce epidemic
*The “normalizing” of vulgarity of speech
*The “normalizing” of a Reality TV lifestyle
*The casualizing of serious things
*The entertainment oriented, “so-called” worship
*The disdain for religion
*The “taking God for granted”
*The choice of American Icons who are pigs

When will we turn the corner, as a culture?!?! When will we strive, once again, for excellence?!?!

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