Great Veterans Matter! (A Moving Story)

Great Veterans Matter! (A Moving Story)

When I started making a few Combat Rosaries for some of the guys in my Knights of Divine Mercy men’s apostolate a few years ago, my hope was this “more manly” rosary would inspire them to embrace this important devotion. They’ve really caught on since then, so I do my best to get them to as many as I can. Well, I should say, my brother and sister do, since they offered to handle this (I am forever grateful to them!).

Here’s another story that I really needed to share. I am always so glad when I hear these! This is from a Facebook friend, who just shared this with me …

“Father, I thought I would share something with you. I had a special experience with one of your Combat Rosaries this morning.

combatrosaryimage1I had my silver tone combat rosary, one of the first batch you initially put out. I got it as soon as you put them out. it has been my “go to” rosary… silver with FIRE medal. I took it with me to confession this morning at my local parish (DFW area). I went straight there from the fire station … I was still in uniform. I made it first in line at the confessional, and in comes a woman in her 50’s with a very elderly man on a walker. I noticed his “WWII NAVY VETERAN” ball cap (respectfully in his hand, not on his head) and knew right away I was in the midst of greatness.

So, knowing the lines get very long, and he was unable to stand very long, I went over and told the woman I would hold his place and as soon as the priest arrived, her father could go in front of me, to which she gratefully agreed.

I shook his hand and thanked him. It just didn’t feel like enough.

So when I finished my penance and caught them on the way out, I struck up some brief conversation with this gentleman. I told him I am a Former Marine and current firefighter and I would ensure that my young son was educated on the sacrifice his generation made for us. This gentleman told me he was a pilot in the Navy and flew sea missions against German U-boats … was a fascinating story. I heard him mutter “I lost a lot of friends.”

So, as his daughter retrieved their car to help him get in, I showed him my Combat Rosary, to which he showed great interest … He loved it. I said “HERE. Please accept this as a small token of a grateful American.” His daughter observed this as she walked up, and it was a REALLY special moment, everyone seemed genuinely affected … I almost got a little choked up, myself. He seemed really touched, and for a split second, two generations separated by many decades connected over one of your amazing Combat Rosaries. It was a very special moment for me, so it is rather hard to put in words. I am so glad I had that rosary with me, because it has no better home right now that in the hands of an American Hero in the final chapters of his life.

THANK YOU for bringing them to the people … it certainly facilitated a mighty powerful moment for me. No other rosary would have sufficed. I get a little choked up just writing about it! … breathe … breathe … ha.

It was a moment I will never forget. This rosary was blessed by an Opus Dei priest here in Dallas. I just ordered its replacement from Roman Catholic Gear, both silver and bronze. I love them. It hangs over my desk at the fire station for my entire 24 hour shift. God Bless you, Sir +”

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