HUGE Turnout for Holy League!!

HUGE Turnout for Holy League!!

HolyLeagueLogowhiteHoly League Holy Hours for men are springing up around the world, and men are coming in droves!! Here is a report from one location in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. Mr. Richard Cieslinski, one of the organizers, describes their amazing first night …

“I wanted to let you know that we had our 1st Holy League August 6, 2015.  It went very well and we almost had 200 Men there for Eucharistic Adoration and Confession.  We hope to grow from here at St. Vincent’s De Paul in Fort Wayne Indiana.  Father Dan Scheidt and Father Jonathan Norton (Newly Ordained) did an amazing job.


We were expecting 30-40 men and more men kept coming, kept coming, kept coming.  Even the Priests were shocked.  We had only 2 Priests there and we had to go an extra hour to hear all of the confessions.  I don’t think that is a problem, but well needed.  The Priests were very accommodating and it was awesome to see so many men.


I am also looking for some shirts made to promote Holy League even more.  We have 30 second spots on our Catholic Radio Station Redeemer Radio as well as promoting it at Knights of Columbus Meetings around town.”

Catholic men are hungry for more of the sacred. They know the many challenges that surround them and their families in today’s world, and they know it is beyond their human capabilities, so they are turning to God … BIG TIME!! On their knees before the KING OF KINGS, they seek His mercy and His direction and the necessary grace they need to do battle and rescue souls!

The Holy League movement makes sense to them. An opportunity to join with other men to Adore the King, revive their “State of Grace” in the Sacrament of Confession, receive an inspirational talk, and have some good ole “Band of Brothers” fellowship. These Holy League gatherings have it ALL!!

For more information for starting a Holy League monthly gathering in your area, go to:

Cardinal Burke is the Spiritual Head of the Holy League. Here is his encouragement (Joined with Doug Barry):

Here is a sample of a Night of Knights Holy League in my parish. We’ve been doing these for a few years, so we even developed a men’s schola. These nights are AWESOME!!! (That’s Fr. Z):


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