Our Lady of America – It’s High Time We Heed Her Call

Our Lady of America – It’s High Time We Heed Her Call

On September 26, 1956, Our Lady appeared to Sister Mary Ephrem and called her children in America to dedicate their lives to her purity. She said:

My child, I entrust you with this message that you must make known to my children in America. I wish it to be the country dedicated to my purity. The wonders I will work will be the wonders of the soul. They must have faith and believe firmly in my love for them. I desire that they be the children of my Pure Heart. I desire, through my children in America, to further the cause of faith and purity among peoples and nations. Let them come with confidence and simplicity, and I, their Mother, will teach them to become pure like to my Heart that their own hearts may be more pleasing to the Heart of my Son.

Sister Mildred said that Our Lady called herself “Our Lady of America” in response to the love and desire that reached out for this special title in the hearts of her children in America. This title is a sign of Our Lady’s pleasure in the devotion of her children of America towards her, and her visit was a response to the longing, conscious or unconscious, in the hearts of her children in America.

She entrusted Sister, as she said, with “this message that you must make known to my children in America.” to “further the cause of faith and purity among people and nations, especially through its youth.”

“The devotion to Our Lady of America,” according to Patrick Archbold …

“has its source in private revelations to Sister Mary Ephrem (baptized Mildred) Neuzil, who was born in 1916 and was professed, in 1933, in the Congregation of the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, which has its generalate in Dayton, Ohio. She had a number of mystical experiences culminating in vision of Our Lady under the title of Our Lady of America in the late 1950’s.


Our Lady’s messages to Sister Mary Ephrem Neuzil have been approved by and promoted by several bishops. For further information, none other than Raymond Cardinal Burke has investigated these apparitions and submitted a positive written report on the matter to his fellow bishops in 2007.


In her messages to Sister, Our Lady called for all of us to exercise the virtue of purity, particularly within the family. She asked that a statue be created of her likeness under the title of Our Lady of America. Further, she asked that the Bishops of the United States solemnly process her statue into the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. as she wishes to be honored there in a special way as Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin.


Our Lady promised that if the Bishops did so, great graces would pour forth and that greater miracles than those granted at Lourdes and Fatima, miracles not of the body but of the soul, would be granted here in America, the United States in particular, if we would do as she desires. These graces would help bring about the era of peace that she promised at Fatima. However, failure to do so would lead us to terrible suffering and punishment for the world.”

I recently stated, “I have never become desensitized by the sheer magnitude of our degraded culture. I continue to be alarmed by it … I have just never ‘gotten used to it.'” The context of this statement was my reaction to the recent video of Donald Trump’s unacceptable lewd comments 11 years ago. One hopes he has repented from such a state in life, but morally decedent behavior has become, very much, a norm in our culture …

Jeffrey Kuhner of the Washington Times writes,

“For the past 50 years, every major institution has been captured by the radical secular left. The media, Hollywood, TV, universities, public schools, theater, the arts, literature — they relentlessly promote the false gods of sexual hedonism and radical individualism. Conservatives have ceded the culture to the enemy. Tens of millions of unborn babies have been slaughtered; illegitimacy rates have soared; divorce has skyrocketed; pornography is rampant; drug use has exploded; sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS have killed millions; birth control is a way of life; sex outside of wedlock has become the norm; countless children have been permanently damaged — their innocence lost forever — because of the proliferation of broken homes; and sodomy and homosexuality are celebrated openly. America has become the new Babylon.”

Now we have last year’s Supreme Court decision to redefine marriage and the recent push to allow grown men to use little girls’ restrooms. We are sick!

Many of these events correspond to approved prophecies, most of which have been given in the past two centuries. Up until recent years, I was completely unaware of this prophecy attributed to Our Lady of Good Success, but many years prior to that, I had been saying that “something happened … something erupted in the 1960s …”

“Thus I make it known to you that from the end of the 19th century and shortly after the middle of the 20th century…the passions will erupt and there will be a total corruption of morals… As for the Sacrament of Matrimony, which symbolizes the union of Christ with His Church, it will be attacked and deeply profaned. Freemasonry, which will then be in power, will enact iniquitous laws with the aim of doing away with this Sacrament, making it easy for everyone to live in sin and encouraging procreation of illegitimate children born without the blessing of the Church … In this supreme moment of need for the Church, the one who should speak will fall silent.” -Our Lady of Good Success

“Shortly after the middle of the 20th century” … most certainly points to the infamous anti-authority, pro-hedonism 1960s, that ushered in unparalleled self-indulgence (the essence of the demonic) into our world. This eruption of evil was occurring just as Our Lady of America was calling on our country to be “dedicated to purity.” Maybe this is why …

childcomputershockWe are now living in the throes of a sex-obsessed, porn-saturated culture. Now, any child who can work a cell phone can access the most egregious porn. To give you an idea of the enormity of the pornography epidemic, here are some statistics:

  • Every second, $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography
  • Every second, 25,258 Internet users are viewing pornography
  • Every second, 375 Internet users are typing in adult terms into search engines
  • Every 39 minutes, a new pornographic video is being produced in the United States
  • The pornography industry earns over $97 billion worldwide every year
  • $13 billion comes from the United States
  • The pornography industry earns more than the top technology companies combined: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, EBay, Yahoo, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink
  • Child Porn generates $3 billion annually
  • There are 4.2 million pornographic websites
  • There are 420 million pornographic web pages
  • There are 68 million daily pornographic search engine requests – Google
  • 25% of all search engine requests
  • There are 4.5 billion average daily pornographic emails
  • There are 100,000 child porn websites worldwide
  • Men admitting to accessing pornography at work: 20%
  • U.S. adults who regularly visit Internet pornography websites: 40 million
  • Christians who said pornography is a major problem in the home: 47%
  • Adults admitting to Internet pornography addiction: 10%
  • Breakdown of male/female visitors to pornographic websites: 71% male/28% female
  • Most sex offenders started out as pornography addicts
  • Average age of a child’s first exposure to Internet pornography: 11
  • 80% of 15 – 17 year olds have had multiple exposures to hard-core porn
  • 89% of all solicitations of youths in chatrooms are sexual
  • 29% of 7 – 17 year olds would freely give out their addresses online
  • Largest population of Internet pornography users: 12 – 17 year olds.

Any statistics presented here on pornography are probably gross underestimates of what is really happening in the world. The truth is that there is no way for us to really know how bad it is. Still, the data we do have is enough to show us that pornography use in America is an epidemic.

Msgr. Charles Pope recently wrote, “We are at war for our own souls and the souls of people we love. We are at war for the soul of this culture and nation.” This tactic of the devil has been severe. Think of the devastation this “era of pornography” has wrought. All of those souls, if they do not sacramentally confess their sins, are lost to eternal damnation. And, all of those souls are spiritual life-less souls on the battlefield with no power of grace to fight against evil, and are now more likely to ally themselves with satan. It’s no wonder evil seems to be moving unabated in our times.

Many believe, as we enter into the centennial year of Our Lady of Fatima, it is “high time” for our bishops to heed the call of Our Lady of America, and process her image into the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C..

Our Lady of America, pray for us!

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