Lent 2016!! Basic Training in Holiness!!

Lent 2016!! Basic Training in Holiness!!

We need to pray … YES!!  But, even more than that, we need SAINTS!!

Our world needs saints right now. Evil people are being aggressively evil, while far too many are not “aggressively saintly.” As a result, evil is moving unabated in our times. We are down to less than 25% of Catholics practicing their faith in America. In France and many parts of Europe, it is less than 10%. What “force” will keep evil at bay? What force will convert evil to good?

In all of human history we have never witnessed evil promoted so effectively, while virtue, character, and morals are roundly mocked and rejected. Meanwhile, it could be said that we have never been so unprepared for and unengaged in the challenging mission of spiritual warfare. It is obvious that Satan’s forces are well-trained, well-organized and highly motivated, while ours clearly are not. At the very beginnings of our great nation, Sir Edmund Burke warned, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

The unfortunate reality is that the modern campaign of militant secular indoctrination has been so severe that only a dwindling number remains who believes or trusts in God’s supernatural power. As a result, the spiritual hearts of many are reduced to the size of a thimble, only capable of receiving a few meager drops, if any, from the wellspring of God’s graces (Rev 22:1-2). In spiritual terms, this makes us puny and scrawny rather than strong and powerful mighty warriors ready to confront the powers of darkness in the heavenly realm. With so many modernized Christians ignoring the reality of God’s grace, it is no wonder that evil is thriving in our day.


54DayImage54 Day Basic Training in Holiness

During this year of extraordinary graces – Year of Mercy – we will engage this training during Lent, 2016. The training will go for 54 days. Amazingly, it is exactly 54 days from Ash Wednesday to Divine Mercy Sunday, in the Year of Mercy!

I have just completed writing a book entitled, 54 Day Basic Training in Holiness, Each day, trainees will be provided with a 1-2 minute reflection on the qualities of excellence. The first 27 days, trainees will read from passages in scripture, quotes from saints and the catechism on one of the following: Theological Virtues, Cardinal Virtues, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. The second 27 days will be excerpts from the book I wrote entitled, Church Militant Field Manual: Special Forces Training for the Life in Christ. We will also ask each trainee to pray a rosary a day, as we offer our prayers together in the very powerful 54 Day Rosary Novena.

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