Lord, Fill Us With the Light of Your Grace!

Lord, Fill Us With the Light of Your Grace!

“God enters into our reality, and we can meet him; we can touch him. The liturgy is where he comes to us, and we are enlightened by him.” -Pope Benedict XVI

Today is my “golden” anniversary, as they say. Not because I have been a priest for 50 years, but that my anniversary and today’s date match: 27th Anniversary on May 27.

I spent the day preparing for my first Traditional Latin Mass, which will be this Sunday. And, I had my last run-through this afternoon, with the help of a couple of TLM veterans. Although I have practiced off and on for over a year, I have concentrated more intently on this over the past few weeks.

Even though I know God looks to refine me everyday to become the saint we are all called to be, I’ve become very aware that what I am about to do is really quite significant, and I will be changed forever.

Already I have incorporated many of the rubrics (allowed) into my Novus Ordo Masses. Things like custody of my forefingers and thumbs after touching the consecrated host or, the extra diligence I give in purifying the vessels or, the distinct and reverent way I speak the words of consecration. Why? Because learning this ancient Mass has helped me, immensely, to understand that all of this precision and reverence and care is due God. He is being made present to us, and it is simply absurd that we would ever take this miracle lightly.

More than anything else, I am becoming more immersed in what is happening at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This, to such an extent, that I find myself trembling in His presence, like never before. Like the centurion, I say in awe, “Lord, I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof.” Yet I know, in spite of this, it is exactly what our Lord seeks to do.

“To be truly alive is to be transformed from within, open to the energy of God’s love. In accepting the power of the Holy Spirit you too can transform your families, communities and nations. Set free the gifts! Let wisdom, courage, awe and reverence be the marks of greatness!” -Pope Benedict XVI

Lord, fill us with the light of your grace!

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