My Dad … He Danced His Way Through Life

My Dad … He Danced His Way Through Life

I don’t know why, but I have been thinking about my dad a LOT lately. Most of my vocation to priesthood comes from him. He and mom had seven of us kids, but I think they could have handled 27 … easily. Dad loved everything God put in his path. With seven kids, dad started his own business. He worked morning, noon and night, but we never had a sense dad was not around.

He coached almost every sports team in grade school. He worked at every parish event. He let Fr. Schuster know he could always rely on him, as he helped him start St. Maria Goretti parish in Madison. His dedication to family and church gave me my dedication to the same. Lots of people “feel” like they are busy. Dad never seemed to have that feeling. He enthusiastically poured himself “completely” into everything he did, and he loved doing it … he loved knowing he was making a difference, and he couldn’t wait for the next opportunity to offer himself. I almost wrote “sacrifice” instead of “offer,” but I don’t think dad ever saw it as sacrifice … it was pure love.

Love you dad, very much!!! That’s right, your children were watching … I learned that this gift of life is for celebrating, and I learned that it is for opportunity … opportunity to help others learn to dance their way through this life and into the next!! Thanks for my vocation, dad!!

Requiescat in pace, Wally Heilman!

Your grateful son,

“Fr.” Richard Heilman

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