Nine Days of Prayer and Fasting for the Holy Father and the Synod on the Family

Nine Days of Prayer and Fasting for the Holy Father and the Synod on the Family

This Tuesday, September 29, marks the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel. It also “happens” to mark the last nine days of the 54 Day Rosary Novena that thousands of people have been praying. This all concludes on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (AKA, Our Lady of Victory) on October 7. This is also right at the beginning of the Synod of Bishops on the Family in Rome (Oct. 4-25, 2015).

Last year’s synod brought much consternation when the Vatican released the interim document that looked as though the Church teaching on homosexuality and on communion for the divorced and civilly remarried was at least softening if not changing altogether. This news rocketed around the world in the moments after the document was released. Many worry this final session of the synod in October¬†could cause a terrible division in the Church. Some even speculate heresy and/or schism. It’s time to pray, and pray hard!!

At this critical time in our Church, we are calling for all of us to do the “Nineveh Thing.” Recall the story of God calling Jonah to go through the city of Nineveh and warn them their time was short. The people believed Jonah and called for fasting and repentance.

Early in his pontificate, Pope Francis consecrated the Vatican to St. Michael the Archangel. During the consecration, he addressed those present noting how St. Michael defends the People of God from its enemy par excellence, the devil. He said even if the devil attempts to disfigure the face of the Archangel and thus the face of humanity, St Michael wins, because God acts in him and is stronger. Because of our Holy Father’s reliance on St. Michael, and since these last nine days begin on the Feast of St. Michael, and ends on the Feast of Our Lady, we are asking everyone to call upon these two mighty warriors to join us in prayer for the Holy Father and the Synod on the Family.

So, let us all begin this Tuesday, September 29 to Wednesday, October 7, praying together in this way …

1) Go to Confession before Tuesday, so you are praying in a state of grace.

2) Fast (or abstain) from something you like, but may not be the best for you (e.g., soda, IPod, desserts, TV, etc.)

3) Commit to pray a rosary a day for these nine days (Those who are praying the 54 Day Rosary Novena can just continue to do so).

4) Commit to praying the St. Michael prayer (try praying the original long form) for these nine days, since this starts on his feast day.

5) Pray for the pope’s intentions (an Our Father and Hail Mary is sufficient)

I will post reminders on my Facebook wall everyday. You can also be alerted of these daily reminders by joining this Facebook group: Special Forces Training