Your Own Nineveh 90 Personal Trainer – From Your Home!

Your Own Nineveh 90 Personal Trainer – From Your Home!

Corey Digman, a world-class fitness instructor, has offered to help all of our Nineveh 90 prayer warriors who cannot make it to the gym. Through internet technology, Corey will train you in your home. Corey has also graciously offered to give personal attention through internet communication.

I know Corey, personally … I married him and his lovely wife, Trisha, and they go to my parish. 🙂

For those interested in checking out a great program that includes the following:

1. Implement Corrective Exercise to help individuals improve posture, work-related tasks, recreational sport/activities and improve longevity while preventing illness.

2. Track movement each week through Challenges that help gauge improvement and helping make fitness fun!

3. Accountability through our Private Facebook Group and Emails to help accomplish daily and weekly challenges.

4. Introduce specific Strength & Conditioning exercises that improve vitality and function through everyday tasks. Every exercise transfers well over to daily activities.

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For those looking to gain a little more insight and find if it is a good fit, click HERE.

Check it out!!