My Nineveh 90 Story. What’s Yours?

My Nineveh 90 Story. What’s Yours?

My story begins just as Nineveh 90 began, when I had lunch with my bishop. He checks on me and, I believe, he worries about me, because I tend three churches, and I have 5-7 Masses every weekend. This weekend, I had six Masses.

I’ve never complained about this amount of Masses, because I am a priest during a priest shortage … it is what it is (but, I collapse on Sunday afternoons). However, I would occasionally wonder what it would be like to be able to focus all of my attention on one parish. This always seemed extremely remote, so I never even prayed for it. I’ve known that the priest shortage is getting better, but I still believed this would be a challenge in our Church for several years to come. So, it was left as a dream.

During the lunch, my bishop offered an option that took me completely by surprise. Apparently, our diocese is healing from the priest shortage more rapidly than I thought, because he offered to have another priest assigned at the other parish (which also serves a small country church), and allow me to serve as pastor at St. Mary of Pine Bluff, exclusively. WOW! I took two weeks to pray about it, and met with my bishop, again, to accept his offer. If it is possible, I thought, it really is best for both of these parishes.

The reason I will stay at St. Mary’s is because I serve as chaplain for the Madison area homeschool families there, and also the Latin Mass society (and a bunch of other stuff).

Nothing against the wonderful people at my other parish – I will miss them (we are still neighbors) – but, this was an extremely unexpected (remember, I never even prayed for it) dream come true. No more 5-7 Masses as it will be more like a normal 3-4 Masses every weekend. But, more importantly, it will mean more focused attention on both parishes. I’m so excited!!! St. Mary of Pine Bluff is going to soar even higher!! 🙂

But here is the most amazing thing. This officially went public yesterday. Yes, yesterday … Day 90 of Nineveh 90, and the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima. WOW!!!!

Thank you, SO MUCH, Momma Mary, for this AMAZING gift!!! (okay, man tears 😉 )

Beyond this amazing gift, this whole Nineveh 90 journey has been incredible. My prayer life is the best it has ever been. I got rid of a few bad habits, like my addiction to diet soda. I’ve also stayed away from any artificial sugar, almost no gluten, and almost no sweets. I am at the gym 3-5 a week. I’ve dropped about 40 pounds, and I feel great!

My next venture is going to be a 54 Day Novena (Basic Training in Holiness) where I walk 10,000 steps a day for 54 days. I plan to do this from May 24 to July 16 (Our Lady of Mt. Carmel). If you would like to join me, you’ll find the daily reflections posted at

Also, please mark your calendars for Novena for Our Nation from August 15 to October 7 (Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary). Like last year, we will pray the 54 Day Novena (Basic Training in Holiness). And, for those who can join us, we will have a Rosary Rally in Washington DC with many notable Catholic speakers and writers.

What is your Nineveh 90 story? Please email it to me at I will save them and share them with others, so don’t share anything you wish to remain private. Try not to be longer than my story above, please.

I pray you had an amazing journey with Nineveh 90!!