Nineveh 90 – Wednesday & Friday Fasting

Nineveh 90 – Wednesday & Friday Fasting

Many are wondering if a “bread and water” fast is for them. For some, it may be, but the point of fasting is to do something that challenges your worldly “wants.” Each time you have the urge to reach for something delicious to eat, and deny yourself of that “want,” our minds go to God, as we remember that He is the reason we are doing this.

The following was from an online discussion, and I thought it was excellent advice …

1. Fasting is amazing, when it works, totally reorientates you to God, helps you conquer many sins!


2. Somedays I would fast till I could barely do anything but go to bed-this was foolish, and I believe that JP II has even said somewhere that we should fast to the point where, we are still able to do daily work -after all that is why God put us here. So don’t starve yourself till a specific time, and then eat, its better to break that fast with a small amount of food and then continue on.


3. You must PRAY. Fasting without prayer is just dieting, and not spiritually beneficial. In my opinion whilst fasting, it is a good time to engage in devotional prayer – stations of cross, rosary, bible reading. I read last night that when fasting, Jews read the Exodus 32 “Golden Calf” episode and how they violated their covenant, and then into Exodus 34, when the covenent is renewed. I thought that was cool, but I would suggest mediating on the Passion of the Lord, whist fasting.


4. I found that spiritual pride can sneek in, when one fasts regularly. Like as if I fast, so I am a better Catholic than you, cuz you dont! This was crazy thinking! So humble yourself, and remember that the devil could let you fast away, make a perceived minor gain spiritually, only to end up worse spiritually than when you started. So be careful and pray that it is Gods will, that you are doing.


5. Remember “[Gods] power is made perfect in weakness” 2 Cor12:8, and “when I am weak, then I am strong”


6. One of the Church Fathers said that if you want your prayers to fly to God, give them the wings of fasting and alms giving. Again fasting is not to be engaged in an isolated fashion, but use all 3 of these ways mentioned above for spiritual gain.


7. Remember, don’t tell many people/anyone, according to the Lords advice in Matthew 6:16. A friend of mine once said, that when you tell people, satan can use them to try to convince you to stop. To eat something, seemingly very concerned for you, but that makes it harder. In my opinion, this fasting is a journey that must be taken alone, just you and God, (and One spiritual director-if you have one)


8. Fasting is something which must be done right, no point pretending you making a sacrifice to God-if it is not really a sacrifice to you … remember, no pain, no gain. It must be hard. Dont give in, just if you feel hungry. Stick it out, and the rewards and there to be collected.

Just so you know, I plan to juice my fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. I have a bread allergy, so I will have just one small protein meal instead.

You must do what works for you and your doctor. But, make it sacrificial, whatever you do.

The USCCB regulations on fasting: HERE