Pumping Sewage Into Our Homes

Pumping Sewage Into Our Homes

Once again, this past Sunday, I mindlessly left the same TV channel on after the Packer game. Every time this happens, I end up exposed to “regular TV” … and my jaw just drops. It’s not just “the next TV show,” but the ads for the other shows, like Jerry Springer, or any of the reality TV shows or the promiscuous TV series. This is when I cease to wonder how our culture got to where it is now. All of this garbage – GARBAGE! – is pumped into homes around the nation, convincing them “this is normal behavior” … that our generation has somehow evolved into a more sophisticated generation that is not as prudish as generations past … blah, blah, blah.

Well, I do NOT believe this is “normal,” nor acceptable behavior … because I am not pumping this sewage into my home … I am NOT drinking this “Contaminated Crud Kool-Aid!!”

Please, everyone, stay completely clear of this extremely effective tool the devil is using to re-work – undo – our beliefs and values. Please don’t drink the kool-aid!!!


UPDATE (A comment from a Facebook friend):

I recently found out that my almost 12-year-old daughter is the only kid in her 6th grade Catholic school who does not watch Disney channel. I took the time to explain to the other parents how damaging it is and asked them to watch just one show critically with their kids. I asked that they look at what the children are wearing and if it’s appropriate for their ages, how the fathers are portrayed as bumbling idiots, how mothers try to upstage their kids, and how the kids act with such disrespect toward adults and try to date at young ages, and how the kids are having fantastical life experiences that just don’t mimic real life. Then asked that they watch an episode of Andy Griffith with their kids and think about if they want their kid to have Opie’s values or pop culture values. One mom got back to me and has banned Disney channel from her home too. It’s a start. A very small start, but a start. The only downside of Andy Griffith is the commercials for “being down with Crestor” and hearing aids

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