Six Candles Catholic Shorts: “What is the Latin Mass?”

Six Candles Catholic Shorts: “What is the Latin Mass?”


Six Candle Studios is a collection of shows on Catholicism, with a focus on talking on the Roman Catholic Church. Our videos are decidedly different from the forums you’ll find online, because we will use actual sources-and have our more elaborate videos reviewed by experts in the actual field we’re discussing.

Initially we will have three alternating shows about different topics. Sum Nerdus is an explanatory show, which will simplify complex ideas like infallibility as well as distilling rules and regulations about things like meat on Fridays or liturgical practices.

Holy History on the other hand, is a show about random events from the past which tie in with Catholicism: such as an obscure order of knights, or how the reformation happened.

Lastly there is going to be a third show with a more casual style which will cover updates and video information as well as anything which doesn’t fit in either category.

(These are produced by a young aspiring college student, John (JP) Kloess. He’s a parishioner of mine. Very proud of him!)

Here’s a short video on SIX CANDLES:


What is the Latin Mass?

Technically, any Mass celebrated in the Roman Rite is a Latin Mass, however what people usually mean by the term “Latin Mass” is the Tridentine Mass. The Tridentine Mass was first codified by Pope Pius V in 1570 and it remained the primary liturgical form until Pope Paul VI approved the Novus Ordo in 1969. Although the Second Vatican Council insisted that “Gregorian chant [is] specially suited to the Roman liturgy” and “the use of the Latin language [is] to be preserved…” many areas celebrated the Novus Ordo mass without chant and without Latin despite the council’s warnings. Additionally many liturgical progressives took the opportunity to make blasphemous innovations to the Mass such as liturgical dance, and profane music.

Disgusted with worldly additions to the Mass some parishes decided to simply continue to celebrate the Tridentine Mass as they had done before … (watch it all in this short video)

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