Sneak Peek of Special Forces Training

Sneak Peek of Special Forces Training

Below is a “Sneak Peek” at what’s in store for all of those choosing to enlist in the “Special Forces Training,” beginning tomorrow, June 4, 2015. Again, our theme is, “NO CROSS, NO CROWN!”



Lead by Fr. Richard Heilman

Fr. Rick says …

“Go Weapons Hot” is a military command that means to make whatever preparations are necessary so that when you pull the trigger, something happens. In spiritual terms, are we using live ammunition or are we firing blanks? In other words, are we making the preparations necessary to ensure that our efforts to combat evil and rescue souls are ignited by the fire of the Holy Spirit? The word “Hot” (“Go Weapons Hot”) gives us an excellent acronym for understanding how we are best predisposed to receive the free offer of God’s supernatural grace: H.O.T. = Humility, Obedience, Trust. We simply must learn that, once we are humble enough to do things “God’s Way,” we can trust that He will pour out His grace upon us. “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6).

So, what is God’s Way? This training will look no further than what God has revealed to us through His saints, and through the teachings of the Church. That is why this “Spiritual Strength Training” begins by embracing this wonderful devotion of consecration to the Three Hearts. More to come.



Led by Sister Mary Brigid Callan who is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and a Certified Senior Fitness Instructor (with the American Council on Exercise).

Sister says …

“This will be a 9-Day kickstart, a “physical rite of initiation,” for all levels. These will add up over the 9 days to be “physical daily devotions” that will help our soldiers build the physical discipline needed to toughen up and not shirk away from future hardship and sacrifice. We have to build some callouses, so to speak, and to do that means that daily activity must become second nature. More to come.”



Led by Paul Sanderson who is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.

Paul says …

“You may have seen me write in the past about anything pertaining to health and wellness that if we fail to plan, we really plan to fail. With this in mind and given that it is impossible to out train a bad diet, I have put this very simple nutrition program together for you and for anyone whom you think may benefit from it. Using this program will make shopping for food very straight forward and will make food selection each day as simple as it should be. Over the next nine days I will outline this nutrition plan which you may then customize and continue to use in your daily life for as long as you wish.”

When Catholics talk about fasting, we normally mean restricting the food that we eat. We can fast between meals, by not eating snacks, or we can engage in a complete fast by abstaining from all food. With this “Fit Fasting” (or, “Fasting for Fitness”) we will learn how to fast from what is bad for our bodies, as we learn how to to fuel the furnace with foods intended by God, and get that engine going to burn off unwanted pounds. For example, we will be eating six times per day, which will ensure that your metabolic rate stays in the fat burning zone. More to come.

We are heeding the call to “Prayer and Fasting,” but doing this the most healthy way! 

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