Access to the King … Amazing Story!

Access to the King … Amazing Story!

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive” (Matthew 21:22)


Access to the King

I happen to be one of those lunatics (in the eyes of the worldly) that actually goes into each prayer/petition anticipating that God will answer that prayer. And, I believe we should always ask Mary for her help!

St. Louis de Montfort in his classic True Devotion to Mary, gives us a wonderful analogy of how we can have access to the king. A poor man wants to offer the King a bruised apple. The King will never receive the apple directly from the pauper/poor man. However, if the poor man knows the Queen and presents the apple to the Queen, then she will polish the apple, place it on a golden platter, deposit the apple between two flowers and present it to the King and His Majesty will receive it. Why? Not because of the apple in itself, much less due to the poor man, but “yes” due to the Queen who presents the apple to him. Our actions are poor, tainted with sin and concupiscence, but if placed in the hands of the Queen—the Blessed Virgin Mary—she purifies, polishes and perfects them so that the King accepts them. Jesus rejoices in us, the more He sees Mary present in our lives and our hearts!

Whenever I offer my prayer/petition, I always picture Mary receiving it at the edge of Heaven, placing it on a golden platter between two flowers, and turning to go to throne to present it to the King. With great joy and anticipation, I do it this way, because God has revealed “this way” through His saint. No questions asked. I hear and I obey.


The Story

This past Thursday I went to Planned Parenthood for my Rosary March. I had posted, in our Special Forces Training Facebook group (feel free to join us), that I went. In the comments section, Dan Miller, the State Director of Pro-life Wisconsin, asked if I went at 11:30. I told him, “Yes.” I wondered why he asked. He told me, in an email, that he had planned to ask me to go, but forgot.

Turns out, the reason he wanted me to go (or some priest) was because they are noticing that when priests go, they have an almost 100% save rate. Well, unbeknownst to me, a grandmother had asked for prayers for her granddaughter who was scheduled to have an abortion there at 11:30 AM. All I knew was that God was insistent that I go there that day, and I obeyed … I did not know about this granddaughter situation.

It turned out that the granddaughter went there, but turned right – instead of left – and went into the Woman’s Care Center, and had an ultrasound, and fell in love with her baby inside her womb. She cancelled the abortion.

All this happened while I was there praying, and I didn’t even know it.

Dan said, “I forgot to ask you to go, but God took care of that for me.”

Ad majorem Dei gloriam!!

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