So Many Caught in the Flesh, Are These

So Many Caught in the Flesh, Are These

After seeing so many of the responses to the “Nineveh 90 Challenge,” I had to play this video. 😉

Empire Strikes Back is a movie with a lot of spiritual undertones, and much of the scenes between Luke and Yoda are about getting Luke to believe in the power of the Force and all that it makes possible. Luke first needs to believe in the power of the force to lift an entire spaceship out of a swamp. The movie even spells this out after Yoda lifts the X-wing, when Luke says, “I don’t believe it,” and Yoda replies, “That is why you fail.” When Luke says he’ll try to lift the X-wing, the use of the word try implies doubt, or a lack of belief, the belief which is the first and most essential part of achieving anything.

It works because one of the larger themes of the saga is the power of belief and finding strength from within to overcome any obstacle, such as a vast and powerful evil empire.

With us, it is a “real power” … the power of supernatural grace. Trust in God! Trust in the power He has given you to move mountains! (Matthew 17:20).

Enter the Nineveh 90 Challenge, knowing God’s power will carry you through to the end!