The Unforgivable Sin

The Unforgivable Sin

Great article by Fr. Longenecker …

What is the unforgivable sin? It is self righteousness.

Why is it unforgivable? Not because it can’t be forgiven, but because it won’t be forgiven.

It is unforgivable because the guilty person cannot ask for forgiveness because he really, honestly doesn’t think he is to blame.

This is like a person with cancer refusing to go to the oncologist because there is nothing wrong with him. The oncologist cannot cure him. It’s impossible.

God can forgive any sinner except the sinner who does not think he is a sinner.

Forgiveness then has two parts: Repentance and Forgiveness. If a person does not repent they cannot be forgiven. It’s common sense: you find if you will not search. You cannot get an answer if you do not ask the question. You cannot be forgiven if you do not recognized your need for forgiveness. You cannot quench your thirst if you do not know what thirst is.

Ash Wednesday is the big repentance day. Its the day when we all must say, “Its me. I’m the one. I admit it. I did wrong. I’m in need of healing. It is nobody else’s fault but mine. I’m sorry. I really am.”

Yet from the ranks of the faithful themselves I so often hear of those who simply cannot and will not repent.

Perhaps it is a horrible marriage in which the wife demands everything, has been spoiled rotten and still blames her husband for her own unhappiness. Maybe it is the husband who cheats on his wife, then comes home to insult her and knock her around and then tells her she is the one with the problem. Maybe it is the father who blames his kids for everything wrong with their life or the kids who blame their father.

It is endless, and furthermore it is global. If this happens on a domestic scale, look at it happening on a local, national and international level.

Nobody wants to take the blame.

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